Best Pigs For Indoor Pets

Get from a rescue if possible, and get them to pick. Fri 6 nov 2009 05.20 est first published on fri 6 nov 2009 05.20 est micro pigs

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Do you still have your rabbit hutch and run or were they house rabbits?

Best pigs for indoor pets. Potbellied pigs are also prey animals, so it requires time and patience to gain their trust and socialize them to humans. When you keep your guinea pigs indoors you’re not going to have to worry about predators getting to them. 30” by 76” is what you want, but if you can get it bigger it’d be best.

4 reasons why these mini pigs make great pets 1. In fact, they are far less likely to become aggressive if. Kunekune pigs are one of the smallest pig breeds.

Toy potbellied pigs reach around 35 to 40 pounds and 14 inches tall. Females will reach as much as 175 lbs, while males will grow to as much as 250 lbs. Micro mini pigs grow to roughly 18 to 30 pounds and 10 to 12.5 inches tall.

Kunekune pigs are shy, gentle, and very calm. Not suitable for big dogs or animals that can exert a lot of force.attention:the size of each hole on the panel is 1.38' x 1.38' (3.5 x 3.5cm).it is not just a pet fence, you can also assemble cubes to store items, suitable for bedroom, living room, garage, office, laundry, etc. For 4 guinea pigs, 13sqft is the minimum, but you should aim for bigger.

Royal dandies grow to around 29 to 39 pounds and 15 inches tall. Because potbellied pigs are very social animals, they are much happier pets if they have a pig companion. The best indoor guinea pig cage for 2 that i recommend is the amazonbasics cage.

Guinea pigs are lovely, and great indoor pets. Pot bellied pigs don’t smell. Teacup potbellied pigs are usually 35 to 45 pounds and 14.5 inches tall.

They are very clean animals who only sweat through their noses. Can i please ask you not. Best indoor pets for kids.

Keeping your guinea pigs indoors does come with some problems, but also some advantages. Pot bellied pigs as pets: We’ve already covered plenty of indoor pets, but we’ve held out on a few you may not have considered.

Guinea pigs are easier to keep than rabbits and less smelly too. They may be one of the mildest breeds of pigs. We’re a nation of dog lovers.

They are one of the smallest pigs available. Pot bellied pigs don’t smell! They are herd animals, so get at least 2.

Give them as much space as you possibly can, the more the better. 30” by 62” is ideal. Nowadays, having a pig as a pet is no longer as peculiar as it would have been be a few years ago.

Dandie extremes reach around 12 to 29 pounds and 12 inches tall. For 3 guinea pigs, 10.5sqft is the minimum, but ideally you would want 13sqft. Pigs are notorious for being stinky.

Here are some of the main benefits of keeping a guinea pig indoors. Note that for all of the above written sizes, they are simply minimum figures. Not as big as farm hogs.

Your pets will have great comfort in this large cage.

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